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Lunch menu

except weekend and holidays

(changes are not permitted)

1 savoury crêpe + 1 sweet crêpe or ice-cream + 1 drink


Savoury crêpe

        Complète (egg, ham, cheese)
        or Forestière (bacon diced, mushrooms, cream)
        or Breton sausage, salad
        or Raclette (raclette cheese, cured ham, potatoes)
        or Crêpe 1, 2 or ingredients (only one meat) :
            ham, bacon, egg, tomato, mushrooms, salad, emmental cheese, goat cheese

Sweet crêpe

        Crêpe 1 ingredient :
             homemade chocolat, coconut, lemon, honey, whip cream, chestnut cream, Nutella, homemade salted butter caramel, local jam (strawberry, blueberry, orange)

or  2 scoops of ice-cream Carte d'Or
        Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolat, Colombian Coffee, Blackcurrant, Lime, Raspberry, Cherry, Coconut, Rum-Raisin, Mint-Chocolat, Passionfruit, Pistachio, Caramel



Glass of cider (20cl) Kérisac
Glass of bio apple juice (20cl) Kermabo Guidel
Glass of buttermilk (20cl) Breton Tradition
Beer from the tap (25cl)
Lemonade (25cl)
Glass of wine (15cl) (Red, rosé ou white)
Glass of milk (25cl)
Coffee or Tea Dammann Frères
Bottle of water (50cl) Plancoët

(changes are not permitted)

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